Rex Ciborum

The Original Foie Gras

Foie Gras is a luxury food product made of the liver of geese or ducks that had been specially fattened. The production of Foie Gras goes as far back as Egypt during the pyramid building time but is now mainly done in France and Hungary.

The most classic pairing of Foie Gras is with Tokaji Aszú sweet wine. You’ll find the combination of sweet and savoury flavours utterly irresistible. To fully appreciate the flavour of Foie Gras melt-in-the-mouth, try it on toast.

REX-CIBORUM is the market leader of high quality goose and duck liver products in Hungary and among the top in the world. Hungary has a long history and extensive experience in raising geese and ducks and producing goose liver products. We have the following articles in our range:

Goose Liver Block with Truffle

Net weight: 150g
Goose liver content: 85%
Container: Dome

Goose LIver Block With Truffle - 2 Slices

Net weight: 75g
Goose liver content: 85%
Container: Triangle

Goose Liver Terrine

Net weight: 220g
Goose liver content: 20%
Container: Jar

Goose Liver Pastete

Net weight: 30g
Goose liver content: 50%
Container: Capsule

Goose Liver Puree

Net weight: 65g
Goose liver content: 50%
Container: Mini can

No need to worry

Foie Gras has 70% less cholesterol than butter!

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